How To Find the Best Executive Coaches in Denver

In order for a corporate entity to run efficiently, the top-tier executives and mid-level professionals must possess excellent leadership qualities, time-management expertise, team building capabilities, and a plethora of other personal and business attributes. Business owners and CEOs discover that assistance from executive coaches makes it possible to have a more productive team of high-level executives.

You might be thinking to yourself - just how effective is executive coaching going to be to me and my business in Denver? Well, good news is that more and more high-profile companies are putting their money in executive coaching, which is an indication that it works. In the United States alone, billions of dollars are spent on executive coaching from companies such as Goldman Sachs, GE, and IBM, to name a few.

Without executive coaching, companies risk disengaged employees. A Gallup poll revealed a full 60 % of employees in Australia are disengaged at work. Executive coaches help develop leaders to a higher level of professionalism and productivity. However, with the wide-open field of executive coaching comes also the fly-by-nights who are not qualified. Because of that reason, we have developed a list of top executive coaches in Denver for your use.

1) Sue Heilbronner (HeySue)

Sue is a sought-after speaker, startup CEO, mentor, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, facilitator, strategic advisor, Conscious Leadership coach, co-founder of the MergeLane investment fund, creator of the Leadership Camp training program for high-potential leaders, former federal prosecutor, and a direct and fearless catalyst for change.

Sue has the privilege of bringing her speaking, TED and TEDx-style speaker coaching, facilitation, coaching, Conscious Leadership, and consulting expertise to companies around the world. She’s worked with teams and leaders from Facebook, G2, Salesforce, Gainsight, Kiva, Uptake, Oracle, and more. Sue is a certified coach and trainer with the Conscious Leadership Group. Read Sue’s full bio.

Fields of Experience

  • Coaching (Conscious Leadership)
  • Consulting & Facilitation
  • 360 Reviews
  • Speaker Training


  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • Leadership Development
  • Cultural Change Management


  • Working with Sue is an experience; she is at once my teacher, partner, confidant, friend, investor, and more. Beyond my co-founders, there are few others with whom I can be 100% vulnerable about myself and my company, and Sue is one of them. She has not only been valuable, but foundational to our success thus far, because we can dive deep and unadulterated into our challenges the instant we sit down together. This transparent relationship is rare and a true treasure, as it requires massive trust and buy-in from both sides. Sue is our greatest, secret, unfair competitive advantage. - Devon Tivona, CEO, Pana
  • To say that working with Sue is anything short of life-changing would be inaccurate. She is incredibly insightful, and a genius at quickly cutting through the muck to see the real issues. She will push your to the edge of comfort and authenticity until you break through to the other side, all the while engaging you with genuine warmth and joy. In the four years since I've known and worked with Sue, I have radically transformed in ways I didn't even think were possible. I can't recommend her enough! - Heather Frick, Oracle Data Cloud

LEARN MORE: Visit Sue's website to learn more about her coaching services.

2) VIM Executive Coaching

While certain aspects of coaching can be learned, many of the most important benefits a business coach or mentor can offer come from years of in the trenches business experience. Russell Owens has owned several successful businesses and over the years has built a team of executive coaches that offers an almost unimaginable depth of wisdom based on their real world business experience along with strong coaching skills.

Fields of experience

  • Attorney Coaching


  • In-Person Coaching - In-person coaching available in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins..
  • Distance Coaching - VIM coaches accessible globally via phone or video conferencing.
  • Team Development Facilitation - Attend workshops centered around developing leadership strategy and leveraging the business’s goals and culture.


  • "Working with Russell helped me immediately identify where I was directing time and energy to activities that were not the “next best action” to take, and to find strategic ways to redirect that effort. Talking through problems and potential outcomes/alternatives in our sessions helped me see how to take advantage of my natural instincts- to pause and assess a situation, as opposed to simply reacting under organizational pressure." - D.B. Silicon Valley
  • “Each of us has demons, whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not. They’re unpleasant to unmask and confront. Long ago I learned the power to listen to my thoughts and I knew self-awareness sometimes is a daily exercise. However, when it came to dealing my demons, I had been unable to slow down where those train of thoughts led. With Russell’s guidance and piercing guidance to focus on the present, I’ve gained more cognitive tools, like using space to gain clarity and thinking about what the next best action to take is. Thank you Russell for your gift of interpretation, a kind ear and your wisdom.” - Neil Krauss, University of Denver

LEARN MORE: Visit VIM's website to learn more about their coaching services.

3) Transformative Training

Transformative Training is an executive coaching company based in Denver, Colorado and Boulder, Colorado. We work with you to create an individualized, hands-on leader development plan that builds your leadership capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. The organization, an executive, and the executive coach work in partnership to achieve maximum impact over time.


The Outback works slightly different than some of the other coaching companies. They offer what is referred to as “Solutions” versus programs. The solution categories are as follows:

  • DiSC Training
  • MBTI Personality Styles
  • Conflict Management
  • Accountability and Feedback
  • Diversity Training
  • Team Building
  • Emotional Intelligence

As indicated by the category titles, this company emphasizes helping executives integrate both professional and personal skills for a more holistic approach. 


  • Prepare to get more than you ever expected out of these training sessions. Jeannie Gunter gives you a lot of bang for your buck! - Michele Lueck, CO Health Institute

LEARN MORE: Visit TT's website to learn more about their coaching services.

4) Terry Hildebrandt and Associates

Our coaches adhere to evidence based coaching (EBC) principles, which include working at the intersection of research-based methods and knowledge, the context of the client, and the advanced executive coaching skills of the coach. Every engagement is customized in collaboration with the client and the coach to create a process design that ensures effective achievement of the client’s goals. All of our executive coaching services are based on foundation of trust and confidentiality. Our coaching methodology includes contracting, rapport building, skill and personality assessment, awareness building, action planning, and managing accountability.


  • Evidence Based Coaching
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile
  • The Leadership Circle 360
  • 360 Assessment


  • “Well delivered, lots of value. Thank you. Great confidence building, excellent content, a very collaborative and positive experience.”
  • “Brilliant again facilitators – thank you; our business will be a totally different place…"

LEARN MORE: Visit Terry Hildebrandt's website to learn more about their  coaching services.

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Ryan Bonnici

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