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How To Find the Best Business Coaches in Melbourne

As a business owner in Melbourne do you feel you have a great product or service, your staff is productive, and you know what your overall dream is, yet there seems to be something lacking – something you can not quite put your finger on?

A business coach may be just what you need to help you reach your dream. Many business owners come to the realization sooner or later that they know where they want the business to be but don't know how to get it there. A business coach in Melbourne gives an objective outsider's perspective to guide them in achieving their goals. So, just what does a business coach do for you and your business?

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A Business Coach Helps You Develop a Business Strategy

It is great that you had the motivation to start your own business – that you had a dream and followed it through. Furthermore, you have a product or service that people love or you wouldn’t be as far as you are. Now, you just need a strategy to ensure that your business will succeed and not fail. This is different than a marketing strategy, although that can certainly be one portion of it, but this is an overall plan that you and your coach develop together to ensure success.

A Business Coach Offers You an Outsider’s Point of View

Sometimes reality can be slightly blurred by bias. In other words, you created this business, you put your all into it, and it is probably passion and drive that brought you to where you are today. However, a business coach, because of his or her unique outsider’s perspective, may see areas that need tweaking. Your business coach can see if you are veering off the path or getting in over your head in an area. An objective view is valuable to the business owner.

A Business Coach Gives You a Safe Place to Brainstorm Ideas

Do you ever get new ideas for your business but are not sure if the ideas are feasible? A business coach provides a place to bounce your ideas off of. Sometimes just being able to brainstorm your thoughts aloud, brings clarity to a fuzzy idea or reveals the folly of going a certain direction in the business. Sure, you could bounce ideas off of your spouse, a friend, or an employee, but would their feedback be untainted? Also, would you feel comfortable opening up completely about ideas, even ones that may seem farfetched? A business coach gives you the freedom to brainstorm your ideas.

If you feel ready to find out more information about securing a business coach, we have developed a list of reputable business coaches in Melbourne below: 

1) Action Victoria Business Coaching Melbourne

At Action Victoria, the professional business coaches have a combined 40 years of experience. Their excellent team of coaches includes Brett Burden, Keith Collins, Michael Rady, and Tim Morgan. Action Victoria is subsidiary of the Centre of Influence Austraila Pty Ltd. that provides the team with a variety of business advisors who have knowledge in the areas of accounting, information technology, law, and more. The team at Action Victoria has had phenomenal success with their clients resulting in the award for Best Client Results in the Asia Pacific Region. Action Victoria, offers four coaching services: One on one coaching, Boardroom, Workshops & Team Training.

Areas of Expertise: Finance, engineering, retail, operations, trade, corporations, and manufacturing.


  • “When we started we turned over less than $1 mil, now we turn over $5 mil+ and I don’t have to be here very much.”  --Alistair Nicoll
  • “I used to be all things to all people, we now have clarity. We’ve even established second business after identifying a new niche.” –Jeff Speake

LEARN MORE: Visit Action's website to learn more about their coaching services.

2) Tenfold Business Coaching

Tenfold advertises a team of "premium" coaches that sets them apart from the rest of the business coaches in Melbourne. With twelve years of professional, hands-on experience, and assisting hundreds of various businesses, they boast to have seen it all. Tenfold’s coaches come equipped with experience and education. One coach, Ashley Thomson, has a Masters in Entrepreneurship, a Bachelor of Engineering, and a Graduate Diploma of Business Management. He also received the Action COACH Asia Pacific Coach of the Year in 2012 and 2105.

The Tenfold Business Coaching provides four different coaching options:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • One-off Strategy Sessions: This option allows business owners to zero in on areas of the business in most need of help. It is an intense two-hour session aimed at boosting the “growth and success” of your business.
  • Customised Business Coaching: The customized approach works well for businesses that need coaching for specific events such as workshops, seminars, or ongoing educational offerings.
  • Executive Coaching: Take your leadership qualities to the next level with targeted executive coaching.

Areas of Expertise: Recruitment, finance, marketing, sales, and systems.


  • “We doubled the business in 12 months and I put that down to my hard work with my Tenfold coach.” -- Alex Lamblin
  • “It’s been extremely helpful and it’s motivating to be involved in the coaching sessions, and it feels like it’s just the tip of the iceberg, of a process that I wish I had started sooner.” --Tim Philip 

LEARN MORE: Visit Tenfold's website to learn more about their coaching services.

3) Nicole Grainger-Marsh Business Coach

With twenty years of experience in the corporate world, Nicole Grainger-Marsh brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She has worked for big brand names such as Yahoo, Telstra, NEC, Accor Hotels, and British Telecom. In addition to her years as a leader in the business world, she completed the International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation.

Nicole offers three different coaching alternatives:

  • Career: Find help transitioning to the career that best fits your personal and professional strengths.
  • Life: Develop help in the areas of confidence, decision making, productivity, habits, stress management, and more.
  • Business: Nicole offers a full-service of business coaching including mentoring, training, and consulting.


  • “You are such a warm and generous coach! You helped me to stay focused, you encouraged me and you understood me. Most importantly, you helped me to achieve far beyond what I’d imagined was possible with my goals. Thank you!” –Neri Baker
  • “Nicole is a brilliant coach – very personable, intuitive, business savvy, and inventive.” –Paula Gould

LEARN MORE: Visit Nicole's website to learn more about her coaching services.

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