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How To Find the Best Business Coaches in Sydney

Obtaining a business coach in Sydney is a step toward a more profitable company. Most people in the industry agree that business coaches help managers, executives, and business owners “take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be.” But, just how do they do that? To accomplish this goal, business coaches in Sydney achieve these three goals:

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1) Gain an understanding of your goals for the business

Before a coach can help guide you to achieve the best for your business in Sydney, you need to have an idea where you are going with the business. Where do you see the business in ten years from now, five years from now, or even one year from now? You likely have a vague sense that you want the business to be a success, but what tangible goals do you hope to accomplish? Your coach guides you in developing a framework of objectives, if one is not already formed (which most likely is not). This framework serves as a reference point for the rest of the work that lies ahead.

2) Have a depth of knowledge about business

Business coaches in Sydney have a depth of knowledge about business trends, business ups and downs, and what features of your goals may or may not work in business. Business coaches in Sydney have worked in high-level positions in business, marketing, the arts, banking, and retail; their executive experience brings insight that may otherwise be clouded by your drive to charge forward or your inhibitions holding you back.

3) Possess a unique ability to guide you to achieve the goals

One of the best qualities of a business coach is the unique capacity to draw out the best in others. Business coaches in Sydney have strong leadership skills, one of which is to guide you to discover the best solutions. Through coaching sessions, you discover skills and qualities you didn’t realize you possessed; this brings about empowerment. As a result, you move forward with confidence to unlock more skills and qualities, and hence, success is in the process.

If you are ready to move your business to the next level of achievement, as well as tap into your own personal strengths, securing a reputable business coach in Sydney is the place to start. We have compiled a list of respected coaching businesses. Each listing gives a brief description, some client feedback (when available), and a link to their website. Where direct contact information is available, we provide it for you.

1) Gram Consulting Group

Gram Consulting Group are passionate about bringing the best out in people and stimulating their potential through outstanding development opportunities. They are a group of highly experienced facilitators, speakers, academics, executive coaches and thought leaders combining their talents and wealth of experience to create the right outcomes for clients. They love working with clients and take a highly customised approach which focuses on the needs and desired outcomes of their clients.

Areas of Expertise: Consulting, Facilitating, Coaching, Speaking


  • "Margie Hartley and Gram Consulting understands the reality of corporate life. She not only accommodates changing needs, tailoring solutions to the exact opportunity or challenge on hand, but really thrives on being in the trench with you. A seamless partnership." - Rhonda Hall, Commonwealth Bank
  • "Gram Consulting Group and in this instance Margie Hartley has been instrumental in garnering a group of “nay-sayers” into an effective and positive working group of executives." - Debra Baker, Bank West

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2) Evan Goodman Business Coach and Mentor

With 30 years of experience, Evan Goodman is a coaching expert. He has created several start-ups, then once established, sold them. He understands the business model of success. In addition to the many years of running his own businesses, Evan went on to receive a Master’s degree in Business Coaching.

Areas of Expertise: Mentoring, Coaching, Therapy, Consulting


  • "Evan has helped me discover my potential and put in to place several practical procedures that take advantage of my new opportunities." - Bryan, CFO
  • "Before Evan came on board, the business was really unorganised. We needed help, and Evan was able to give us the direction and guidance we needed to get on track, work out our priorities." - Jon, Entrepreneur

LEARN MORE: Visit Evan's website to learn more about his coaching services.

3) Elite Leadership

Brad Shaw is the man behind Elite Leadership, created in 2003. Prior to founding the successful Elite Leadership Company, Brad worked in Executive positions in General Management and Human Resources. He was highly successful as the Regional Manager for the Asia Pacific region in the field of recruitment. With his leadership abilities, he led a 230 million dollar increase in revenue, as well as an expansion of branches and employees. 

Brad offers three forms of executive coaching:

  • One-on-One: This form of coaching is direct contact with a coach.
  • CEO Round Table: During the round-table experience, business members come together once a month to present information relevant to the field. When you join this group, you gain expertise and network with others in a similar field.
  • Emerging Leaders Training Program: This program is for companies with female managers who would like to provide special coaching for them. The program addresses how female leaders can be effective.


  • “Brad is a business coach who has taught me to crawl, walk, run and fly in business. The insights he offers me has shaped my business forever. Brad has helped me grow revenue by 10 times and is a critical part of my business planning and decisions. The ultimate coach in business.”
  • Another client said Brad’s advice has helped her through various levels of her professional life, and at every level his help is always “balanced, challenging and ultimately incredibly helpful.”

LEARN MORE: Visit Brad's website to learn more about his coaching services.

4) Business Coaching Systems

John Vamos founded the first business coaching organization in 1995. His group of coaching staff work with public, private, government, and non-profit sectors of business in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. His career did not stop with coaching; he developed a series of techniques for coaching entitled, “Business Thinking Systems.” These techniques were tested and further perfected during 4,000 workgroups. Clients have referred to this method of coaching as a “science.”

Areas of Expertise: Advisory, Training & Organisational Coaching


  • “BCS has helped provide our organization with strategic clarity and has also assisted us to cut through on accountability and organizational design, faster than we anticipated.”
  • “When I strarted my new job as Managing Director of a new company, I quickly needed the tools and systems at my disposal to ensure the organisational design and human resource leadership of the business could be dealt with. BCS helped provide our organisation with strategic clarity and has also assisted us to cut through on accountability and performance disciplines, faster than we anticipated.” - Steve Van Zwieten, Exact Security

LEARN MORE: Visit John's website to learn more about his coaching services.

5) Small Fish Business Coaching

It began as a one-man business in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and is now successfully servicing throughout Australia and the United States. Small Fish Business Coaching uses their systems, infrastructure and support processes to help their coaches provide excellent business coaching services to their local small business communities.

Michael has set up a number of companies himself before he moved into consulting to a number of successful businesses over the last 20 years. Amongst his other roles he has worked as lecturer for an MBA program at UTS (University of Technology, Sydney), and is passionate about making people and their businesses successful.


  • “Michael is pragmatic, frank, intelligent and sensitive, He made my business flourish!” – Rocket Design
  • “My sales team are more effective and we’re winning bigger projects at higher margins – and our customers are happier too.” – Pro AV Solutions

LEARN MORE: Visit Michael's website to learn more about his coaching services.

Ryan Bonnici

Ryan Bonnici

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