The Importance of Morning Scheduling

Beautiful sunrise, good sweat, and a great catch up with friends. That's what I call a great morning. Or, maybe you’ve having a rough morning? You didn’t sleep well, slept through your alarm, woke up stressed and from the get go you’ve been running late.

Regardless of who you are, our daily moods are typically set in our morning routine. Whether you’re 21 and partying or 38 and starting a family understanding what your priorities are, and where you can find time for yourself will help you to maximize the effectiveness of your morning routine and its ability to shape the person you are to become.


As a trainer to some of Sydney’s highest performing professionals, parents, models and god knows what else, a consistent morning routine is everything in ensuring progression. It is easy to excuse someone else’s success to circumstance rather than hard work and choices. Despite the multitude of people out there going through the same things as us, most of us find excuses as to why we ‘cant’ do something rather than taking example of those that do.

High achieving people work later than most, get up earlier than most and persevere regardless of how they feel in the moment. This isn’t to say they arnt stressed or self doubting, don’t miss sleep, aren’t getting flogged at home and at work. It is those that do get up despite feeling rough, do have a plan for their morning routine, and understand that this time is necessary time for themselves that we need to learn from.

Getting up to a planned activity or booked appointment in the case of a training partner, class, or personal trainer is a sure fire way to ensure a progressive lifestyle. Many of us falsely believe we have to give everything we do 100%. Yet showing up and getting your morning exercise done regardless of emotions and energy is key to not only health and happiness but for your performance at work.

If a plan can be established that includes things you actually like, with people you enjoy spending time with that fits your schedule, slowly the rest of your routine will adjust to help. Soon you realize that saying yes to drinks every night and getting to bed late, makes it harder to be the person you want to be, and that planning no time for yourself on the weekends makes your working weeks messy and stressful.

Take note of your priorities. If health and performance in your career are up there then evaluate your morning routine. Set some goals and find a way to schedule in what needs to happen. Start with your morning routine.

Jordan Ponder

Jordan Ponder

Founder of Transform Health and fitness coach for almost a decade, Jordan’s experience across sports, personality types, and fitness levels has led him to work with some of Australia’s most recognisable bodies, industry-leading companies and brightest minds.